Categorising Cacophony

by isabelcanosa


I have a list of food blogs that I trawl for inspiration/a bit of light food porn to make the day more bearable. When I find a recipe that makes the drool command centre in my brain kick into gear, I send it to myself via email. This started off working well; just adding them to a folder called ‘must cook’, but as I carried on, I realised this folder was pages long and it was all getting out of hand (I could have dramatically reduced the numbers if I removed anything that had ‘cookie dough’ in the title, but that is like deleting a part of me). So divided it up into categories, and this happened:


I don’t want to count how many categories and sub categories I have here, not to mention the crazy number of actual recipes I have saved. And maybe it’s not the most logical way to categorize everything but I figured if my brain was going to go looking for a recipe I better let it take the reins on the categorizing.   I am also fully aware that I will never be able to make them all as I cook something from it about twice a week and add 5 a day so…..well…. I was never very good at maths.

So there…. a little insight into my inbox.


p.s I am now also aware I can’t spell ‘biscuit’ without a spell check (yes I just spell checked that).