The Beginning

by isabelcanosa

Despite this fact that I have no literary training (A-Level English?) and no culinary training; here goes. I am starting a blog. On food. Food that I cook, eat, and covet.

Food for me is a fixation and maybe not an entirely healthy one. It is an obsession that had changed from a rotund child (my mother called me “cherubic”) melting Smarties between her fingers to a woman secretly spending most of a working day reading anything foodie she can get her hands on and dreaming of a life that revolves around her fixation.

I love feeding people, the more the merrier (both of courses and of people). I am beginning to be known for holding events with way too much food (5 different deserts anyone?). I am chaotic and a kitchen with me in it is not a safe place. There will be pans piled on the floor, crumbs/flour/smears and tears on all work surfaces and if the pressure is on there will be a tantrum over a split hollandaise/burnt caramel/mandolin sliced finger.

I am not a great cook, but I am willing to try.  So this will be me trying, it won’t be faultless but sometimes it is more interesting to read about the imperfect than the perfect. I like flaws in things and I hope you like them too.